Vaccine Mandates for children, how these bad laws enshrine police state abuse

The article below is from Children's Health Defense an organization run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The article quotes legal analysis From Dr. Mary Holland a law professor in NYU and the leading legal scholar and expert on these issues. Robert Kennedy and Marry Holland should get Nobel prizes for the work they are doing to protect children from the vicious public health bureaucracy that has run amuck in this country. I would advise President Trump to nominate Dr. Mary Holland to replace Justice Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. It would be a big win for freedom and liberty. January 15, 2019 Vaccine Mandates Results Don’t Safeguard Children’s Rights or Health: How Did We Get Here? By the Children’s Health Defense Team

For decades, the U.S. government has made compulsory childhood vaccination one of the cornerstones of its public health…

Ari Feldman the lying reporter from the fake news Jewish version of Der Sturmer "The Forward"

Below is an email exchange I had with Ari Feldman on January 10th one day before he published another hit piece against Chassidic Jews in general and Chassidic Anti Vaxxers in particular. Ari had contacted me, and my response  as well as his inquiry to me are below. The New York State Health Department action directed by New York State DOH Commissioner Howard Zucker against Orthodox Jews is Anti Semitic, notwithstanding Zucker's Jewish sounding name. Howard Zucker apparently Collaborated with his wife Jane Zucker the Commisioner of the New York City Department of Health to exploit the mild Measles outbreak as a means of crushing opposition to mandatory vaccination. They have lied and obfuscated the facts about the outbreak and their policies and have lied about the science.Their main goal is to undermine the vaccine religious exemption laws in New York State and around the country. Instead of owning up to the injuries and deaths being caused by the National Vaccination Program, th…

It's not just about vaccines

Below are 4 articles from the Bolen Report Circa 2016 - 2017 written by Karri Lewis regarding the wider agenda of ending religious exemptions for mandatory school vaccination and who and what is behind it.  Although she was writing about California at the time, the same thing is being repeated now in New York State. As celebrated today January 2, 2019 on the website of Yeshiva World News with the headline GOV CUOMO PROMISES: In Next 100 Days, ‘Most Progressive Agenda New York Has EVER SEEN, Period’. Yeshiva World News has been heavily promoting the progressive, anti parents rights agenda, by going to war against Orthodox Jewish parents who opt out of mandatory school vaccination utilizing the vaccine religious exemption laws. Yeshiva World News has been at the forefront of a public relations campaign to justify throwing several thousand  healthy unvaccinated children out of yeshiva schools in New York State, and across the country for the last two months. Who owns and controls Yeshiva…

Physicians for informed consent Measles facts.

Below is a link to the Physicians for informed consent Measles facts page which contains several highly informative,enlightening,clear, easy to read, subsections, that give the full picture of risk from Measles versus risk from Measles vaccine adverse events.Here you will find the real numbers and you will see how the CDC and their local and state public health authority collaborators, have lied to and deceived the public.

Why some Hassidic Jews Don't Vaccinate and why Paul Offit and the CDC want to crush their opposition

The New York City Department of Health has had a school expulsion order in place since December 7th for Orthodox Jewish Unvaccinated Children in nearly every Orthodox Jewish Private School in Brooklyn New York.This is in response to a mild Measles outbreak in a small segment of the community. The Department of Health directive is affecting several thousand children in New York City. The Hassidic Communities of Williamsburg and Borough Park have been particularly impacted due to higher than average rates of vaccine refusal. One Hassidic School system  in Williamsburg  with 11,000 Children enrolled has 944 of them claiming religious exemptions for vaccines about 8.5 percent of the total. The health department directive is able to suspend the religious exemption with a form of martial law power with no possibility of appeal. A parent is faced with the choice of keeping their child home from school indefinitely or bowing to the pressure tactic and violating their beliefs. On top of this, …